Our Story

Verdict7 provides the nation's best attorneys the opportunity to showcase their objective accomplishments in style. Potential clients, the competition and opposing counsel will take notice. Join the club.

Verdict7 set out to establish an organization and honor that are truly commensurate with the profession's elite and their achievements. Verdict7 celebrates the nation's most successful attorneys and offers them a platform to showcase their seven-figure case results.

From inception, it was crucial to design an exceptional, unique and custom award. To accomplish this, it was necessary to collaborate with the best. Enter sculptor Theo G.K. and the prestigious award builder Bennett Awards. The collaboration culminated in a simply beautiful sculpture, which immediately demands your attention. Featuring seven twisting helix levels to signify a seven-figure recovery, we are confident the Verdict7 sculpture will be the most talked about piece in any office. We take pride in presenting our members with the finest award in the profession.


To be eligible, Verdict7 members must have recovered one million dollars or more on a single case, a standard of excellence that only a fraction of the attorneys in the country have achieved. The objective is to provide exclusive access to the profession's most elite network and signify your membership with a spectacular sculpture that is sure to serve as the centerpiece of your office.

Be a part of our exclusive community.