6.5" x 6.5" x 14.5"


11.7 pounds


Silver antiqued nickel finish with glossy black base featuring an embossed Verdict7 logo.


The customization area is .675" x 4" and features a plate that can be laser-engraved with up to 80 characters.

Membership Features

This is an exclusive collective — an assembly of the select few attorneys who have secured a seven-figure verdict, award or settlement. Every lawyer chases it. You achieved it. Verdict7 membership signifies your stature as one of the profession's preeminent litigators and provides a platform to showcase your success.

  • Custom Handcrafted Verdict7 Sculpture

    A powerful symbol of your passion, prominence and relentless pursuit for justice.

  • Lifetime Status

    When you join Verdict7, you are a member for life (no annual dues) and receive access to our Membership Directory, a network of the nation’s most powerful and prominent attorneys.

  • Attorney Bio

    Bios will be included on the Verdict7 website along with details of your case and award.

  • Exclusive Use of Verdict7 Logos and Badges

    Members are able to use the Verdict7 logo and other downloadable graphics to display on your firm’s website and other collateral.

  • Press Release to Share with Your Network

    Receive a press release announcing your Verdict7 membership.

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Custom Sculpture

A powerful symbol of your passion, prominence and relentless pursuit for justice



Enter your name (up to 25 characters), case title and verdict/award/settlement amount as you would like them to appear on the plate at the base of the sculpture.

Preview Name

Jones v. Smith



Standard Customization

Display your membership status with standard language that recognizes your achievement without including case-specific details. Your name (up to 25 characters) will be prominently featured on the top line of the plate.

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Case Title

Case Winnings

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